Our mission is to create viable state-of-the-art clean technologies to power the world in an environmentally sustainable way and to reduce the global carbon footprint for tomorrow's generations.

Our Vision

Providing sustainable solutions for the global shift to renewable energy.

We are now living in an age where Governments and Corporations globally must work together to create and implement better solutions for the global environment. Clean power, secondary storage solutions and recycling innovation are at an all time high. These technologies must address the way in which we extract raw materials from the earth, produce products and how we close the loop when products reach end-of-life. At LINICO Corporation, we aim to close this gap with world class technological innovation and by delivering on a clear vision to reduce global carbon emissions.

Our Business

We are focused on creating world class sustainable clean technologies to support a circular economy by addressing lithium-ion battery waste from EVs, grid/solar renewable storage, manufacturing, devices and electronic waste. We are future motivated, passionate and constantly pushing ahead, driven to make a difference.

We recycle batteries, electronics, and end-of-life products with our environmentally sustainable technology to produce 99.9% pure cathode.

Our Markets

Our markets encompass all batteries and electronic waste.


Electric Vehicles

With the move toward environmentally friendly transport, the demand for recycling spent LIB’s has never been greater. It is estimated that EVs will have a global market share of approximately 20% by 2025 and our purpose is to facilitate closing the loop on the supply/demand of LIB’s.



Large industry manufacturing processes are having to be adapted in order to make way for new technologies and the push toward environmentally friendly energy. With this comes the greater demand for environmentally sustainable energy storage solutions. We can supply customized cathodes tailored to your business requirements.


Renewable Storage

With the globe moving toward renewable energy so too comes the demand for renewable storage solutions. We see the demand for this ramping up over the next 5 to 10 years and the 99% pure cathode recycling technology we will be able to supply customised solutions for renewable energy storage.


Electronic Waste

Disposal of mobile phones, laptops, household appliances and power tools is probably one of the biggest environmental problems facing us at the moment requiring action,  recycling this waste is critical. We can destroy and extract various metals from electronic waste efficiently and effectively recycling it for use in other applications.

Partner with us and together we can make a difference to the health of the environment.