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Corrado De Gasperis
Chairman & Director

Corrado De Gasperis has been CEO of Comstock Mining since April 2010, and appointed to the Board of Directors in June 2011, and Executive Chairman of the Board since September 2015.  Mr. DeGasperis is also the CEO of Sierra Springs Opportunity Fund Inc., since 2019, dedicated to social impact invetsing.

He brings over 33 years of industrial and precious metals manufacturing, operational and financial management and capital markets experience.  Prior to Comstock, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Barzel Industries Inc. Barzel operated a network of 15 manufacturing, metal processing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada.  Prior to Barzel, he served as Chief Financial Officer of GrafTech International Ltd., a global manufacturer of industrial graphite and carbon-based materials, and a leading cathode and electrode manufacturer. Mr. De Gasperis was previously with KPMG LLP, serving major clients like General Electric, Union Carbide and UCAR Carbon Company Inc.  KPMG announced his admittance into the Partnership, as a Partner, effective July 1, 1998.

Mr. De Gasperis is the Chairman of the Board of LINICO Corporation and has previously served as a director of GBS Gold International Inc., where he was Chairman of the Audit and Governance Committee and the Compensation Committee. Mr. DeGasperis is a founding member and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Comstock Historic District and serves on the Board of the Virginia City Tourism Commission. He is a also a member of the the Northern Nevada Development Authority and the Northern Nevada Network.  Mr. De Gasperis holds a BBA from the Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University, with honors, and was certified public accountant.